We are Hailey and Mia. We believe that gathering over food is one of the best ways to create lasting relationships with others. We want you to get in the kitchen with your friends and family and cook with us!

Cooking has always been a passion for the each of us and when we became friends, it was over a dinner double date with our boyfriends (now husbands). Ever since, we have joined over food and cooking with company. We want to bring our passion of cooking good-looking and tasty food outside of our own kitchens and into yours.




NOUN individuals gathered together, especially for a particular purpose

ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French compainie


Mia Blessinger

Mia Blessinger

Being from Honduras, both my mom and grandmother would spoil me with home-cooked meals. My grandmother always made sure that I was helping her make tamales, tortillas. or whatever she was cooking up. She knew that teaching me these skills would be beneficial in life. It’s like she knew I would end up loving to cook alongside my best friend.

From a very young age, I traveled with my parents around the world. They’ve always encouraged me to try new food. I want think that my love for food stems from them. 

When I married my husband, I took what my grandmother taught me and fell in love with cooking for company. Yes, that company being Hailey and her husband. Hailey and I knew we were destined to be friends when we both began talking about how much we love food.

From the smells to the flavors, we are both happy when we are cooking and eating together with our husbands. We hope you enjoy following these recipes as much as we love making them.


Hailey Laughlin

I grew up in the East Bay Area in California in a city called Fremont. It is now known as being the home of TESLA and a new stomping ground for tech startups. I grew up knowing my town for being a hub of culture and community. I attribute my love of cooking to my mom and grandma, but my love of food and trying new things to the friends and family I grew up with in the Bay Area.

You will probably see many recipes here inspired by dishes my grandma and mom taught me. Make no mistake, Gramie knows a bit about the finer things in life. I remember pork tenderloin with brandy and cherry reduction sauce with garlic mashed potatoes being my favorite of her go-to dinner recipes (and still is). I was the 10 year old asking for brandy reduction sauces.

Moving to Texas 9 years ago and beginning high school in a new place was not easy at first, but the more time I spend in Dallas the more I love it. The food culture here is ever-changing, and I love to see foods like those I grew up with starting to pop up all over the place. While I love a good Tex-Mex meal, I long for falafel and sashimi from my childhood on the regular.

I hope that with Cooking with Company, Mia and I can bring a piece of the puzzle to your plate. We want to take the food from our lives and bring it to your table. Our favorite food memories are with those that we love and with new friends alike. We believe food is a great way to tie people together and create lasting friendships like our own. I love sharing new places and dishes with my husband, friends, family and now, YOU.