Our Favorite Products

Kitchen gadgets and gizmos, table top accessories and dining favorites.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Hailey: Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cast Iron is an amazing way to get the perfect sear, fry, baked breads and more. Your cast iron will last you a lifetime when taken care of. Cast iron care is the most important thing, and while it is pretty much impossible to ruin a good cast iron pan (just don’t heat it up then put it in cold water, ok? it will break in half) it is good to upkeep as you go.

West Elm Cheese Board Host Set

Mia: West Elm Cheese Board Host Set

You cannot go wrong with a cheeseboard during any occasion. It’s also a great way to impress your guests with your food pairing skills.

Immersion Blender

Hailey: Immersion Blender

There is something about moving hot liquid from pot to blender that just makes me never want to make soup, ever. When I got an immersion blender as a wedding gift, my life was changed. Low-key wanted one since I was a child, but never justified it. Not only can you blend soups and purées in the pot, but you can use the additional attachments for whipping cream and sauces, and chopping herbs and vegetables. I even use the liquid measuring cup often for accurate amounts when my baking scale does not apply.

West Elm Smith Matte Black Flatware

Mia: West Elm Smith Matte Black Flatware

I am all about minimalism and aesthetics. There is nothing better than when kitchenware encapsulates the two! Definitely a kitchen essential (it helps that it’s dishwasher save too, nothing better than that).

Knife Whetstone Set

Hailey: Knife Whetstone Set

Use this whetstone to sharpen your knives into a highly functioning set. If you haven’t cooked with sharp knives in a long time (or never), you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer

Mia: Kitchen Aid Mixer

I absolutely love making anything dessert related and kitchen aid mixers are lifesavers when it comes to that, especially when you’re making almond cookies. SO good but so much labor.

Escali Kitchen Scale

Hailey: Kitchen Scale

I love to bake, and while I originally bought this scale for my espresso bar, it has given me much more use for breads and cakes. For the most accurate bakes and rises, I suggest measuring by weight versus volume. There is still a time and place for measuring by volume, but I have found if I am making cakes in bulk or focaccia or a boule of bread then my results will more likely to be the same each time with an accurate weight.


Mia: Ramekins

One night I was craving creme brûlée so I did what any reasonable adult would do and made my husband come with me to Target to get ramekins. Since that day, we’ve actually used them on the daily (no, not for creme brûlée). Ramekins are honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to prepping for a meal. You just cut your veggies or fruit right up and set them to the side until you need them.